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ECW  Episcopal Church Women

Co-chairs: Melissa Gray and Debi Kelley

Treasurer Donna young

Episcopal Church Women at the St. Michael's promotes oneness among women of all ages as they come together to serve God in the community. The Episcopal Church Women at St. Michaels are active in outreach ministries, building our fellowship and growing together spiritually. 



Our next meeting will be October 22 at 11AM

This is an important meeting for ECW.

Debi and Donna will step down from leading ( Melissa had to let go of ECW due to family) 

We need those spots filled for ECW to continue.

This will be a potluck meeting so bring your favorite light food to share. 

Dress a Girl Final Workshop

Due to many not being able to attend a workshops and in the case of running out of time, October 22 will be an "edit" workshop.  We are asking everyone who would like to make dresses and dolls to make them at home.

Bring them on the 22nd at 9am. 

Editing involves looking at each dress to check for finished seams, threads and more then to fold and package the dresses for delivery to the University Lutheran who will take them where they are needed. 

Fabric and the Dress a Girl patches that need to be on pockets, will be available at church. 

Contact Debi or Donna if you need more info.