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Saturday August 26th 8 - 2

Items can be dropped off no later than noon on Friday August 25th, preferably in the youth room in the education building.

They can also be dropped in the gathering hall area behind the name tag board.

We will take all items, including clothes, so long as they are CLEAN, WORKING and in GOOD CONDITION. 


*Electronics/equipment missing cords, or essential items for function 

*Computer monitors or TV's that AREN'T flat screens

*Computers made before 2018

*VHS tapes, computer programs older than 2015

*Remote controls unless they belong to an item being donated

*Games or puzzles with missing pieces

*Guns or ammunition

If you bring something dirty and not working it makes more work for those who are setting up. Please be considerate.

Volunteers are needed for set up, working the sale and packing up.

Sign-up sheets welcome you as you enter the building. 

For more information contact Laura Blazek

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