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St. Michael’s Episcopal Church of Norman, OK Blog Guidelines should reflect the mission and values of the church. All submissions will be reviewed and goes before the editorial committee before blog publication.
Blog entries should include St. Michael’s Episcopal Church and your full name in your brief bio or description.
Blog entries should encompass the mission statement of St. Michael’s which is “At St. Michael’s we live and share the love of Christ.”

Blog entries should reflect the three essentials for congregational work, and they are: Spiritual, Missional, and Relational. Our questions for each ministry, gathering, church effort is: Is it spiritual? Is it missional? Is the relational?

Blog entries should share stories of what the Holy Spirit is doing in our parish and our community. Goals of the blog is:
• Reaching a larger audience
• Attracting new members
• Reach those who cannot attend church.
• Become a Bible study destination!
• Help answer common and difficult questions.
• Keep the local community informed.
Blog entries should be well written in an informal and conversational tone, 300-500+ words, and can cover three areas of ministry – pastoral, practical, or devotional.
• Pastoral — Written by and/or for current ministry leaders, providing gospel-centered encouragement to those eager to see the church grow in spirit and mission and glorify Jesus Christ.
• Practical — Give us a plan for how to address a problem or issue in the Christian life or ministry. Diagnose the heart of the issue and root your application in the finished work of Christ. We are looking for practical, not pragmatic.
• Devotional — We are looking for content that helps us treasure Christ more greatly, know • him more deeply, and orient around his gospel more stubbornly. Biblical reflections, theological meditations, or spiritual illustrations. Help us enjoy grace and delight in God.

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