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Happy April Birthday 

12th   Nelson  Dent                       

18th  Adam Falato  and Judy Kellogg

19th Santa Velez

23rd  David McDonald

24th  Christopher Haist

25th  Syliva Crucet

27th  Carm Burris

30th Laura Blazek

Happy Anniversary to Keith and Jeanne Giles

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Writing a Rule of Life - Wednesday Evenings

Over the coming few weeks, members and friends of St. Michael’s are invited to write their own Rule of Life. A Rule of Life is an ancient tradition to help us define our days around the love of God.

We will begin by identifying scripture that we find helpful to our own particular journeys. We will then begin to define our days, considering the “must dos” and the “would like to dos” in our life. With these as our context, we will seek to appreciate our creation and the gifts God has given us.

A Rule of Life is different than goals, intentions, or to-do lists we tend to accumulate. Those are task-based and measurable, and they’re often focused on what we do. A Rule of Life, on the other hand, helps us become. As the weeks unfold, we will write our own Rule of Life, rejoicing and living fully into the men and women God created us to be.


All are welcome. Feel free to invite friends to this time of discovery. The group will meet on Wednesdays at 7 o’clock, beginning April 14.


Click HERE to go straight to Zoom.




Landscaping - Spring and Summer

The grounds at our church can be one of the most peaceful places to spend time and the right landscaping makes all the difference. Beautiful, well-tended landscaping can contrbute to a welcoming atmosphere for St. Michael's, beckoning visitors to seek out some spiritual time - right at our front doors. 

Come Play in the Dirt!

Saturday, April 17th, prep work was done for new

landscaping for the front of the building.

This coming Saturday, April 24th, the team starts

planting. Have some time to help on Saturdays?

Come join us when you can and bring your gloves,

maybe a spade or trowel, and your muscles.

For more information on how to help, please

contact the church office. 

St. Michael's Landscaping Plans

Click HERE for viewing the plans