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Churches Caring for Creation (CC4C) is a group of interdenominational churches, each hosting a Green Team of people committed to saving the planet "one drink cup at a time" by recycling #6 plastic. The Norman coalition has a Densifier – a machine that turns polyfoam into logs, which can be reused to make new plastic products. CC4C is a nonprofit group that will gladly accept tax-deductible donations to fund this project.

Public drop off of foodservice and packaging foam is at University Lutheran Church, 914 Elm, weekdays from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Entry is from the parking lot behind the church on College St.  Contact Cathy Bowden 405-831-2025.

St. Michael's is dedicated to conservation of the planet and actively participates in Churches Caring for Creation in Norman. We recycle paper, plastics and foam and participate in densifying events. Since May 2019, we have recycled over 800 bags of foam, about 600 cooler boxes, and over 4000 egg cartons have been received for reuse by "Farmer Bob".


Items MUST be #6! Foam packaging or food service products break or snap in two when bent. If foam bends, it is #4 plastic and cannot be densified. Items to recycle include food service containers and packaging foam, but NO packing peanuts, NO foam insulation, straws, lids, labels, tape or trash. All foam must be CLEAN, grease-free, food & drink-free and have tape, cardboard and paper labels removed.

1. LOOK for the #6 on the food service item.

2. CLEAN & dry stack to save space.

3. Separate packing materials and break down where possible.

4. Collect in clear plastic bags, provided at the Station, and tie closed.

5. NO packing peanuts, NO foam insulation, straws, lids, labels or tape,


Contacts: Cathy Bowden, Coordinator, Churches Caring for Creation University Lutheran Church 914 Elm Norman ok 73072 405-831-2025 or Tina Mahle

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