Churches Caring for Creation is a group of (6-10?) interdenominational churches, each hosting a Green Team of people committed to saving the planet "one drink cup at a time". Here at St. Michael's, we have volunteers who take our recycled paper, plastic and glass to the Norman drop site(s).


We need to update the instructions:

  1.  LOOK for the #6 on the food service item.

  2.  CLEAN all food and grease off! ( Very important. We waste time having to clean dirty items or they get thrown away, which defeats the purpose of what we are doing) 

  3.  Collect in clear plastic bags, provided at the Station and Tie closed.

  4.  Separate packing materials and break down where possible.

  5.  Cups can be nested to save space.

  6.  Clam-shells must be separated, as they must go the farthest.

  7.  NO packing peanuts, NO foam insulation, straws, lids, labels or tape


We have two vendors who will accept our donations: Taylor Foam in Oklahoma City, and the Choctaw Nation Recycling in Durant. Look for opportunities to help transport these "hazardous" materials.

If you have questions or need pick up please email Tina at

St. Michael's Episcopal Church   1601 W. Imhoff Rd.  Norman OK  73072    405-321-8951

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