Norman Coalition for Refugee Support

Thank you St. Michael's outreach for your generous donation to NCRS.  

NCRS was formed three years ago . It is a coalition of churches who have committed to helping refugees coming into our city get started on their new lives. 

We do that by providing housing, clothing, food, transportation, medical, education, etc. for the first six months.  Each month the families will learn more about taking care of themselves. Our goal is for them to be

self-supporting by six or seven months. 

St. Michaels joined the coalition of now eight churches, at the end of October 2021

We do all of this through donations from churches, and individuals. 

Immediate needs are for monetary help for dental care of the adults, housing (finding affordable homes to rent for our larger families)

September/October 2022 Update

The NCRS is now fully approved by the IRS and State of Oklahoma as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization able to solicit financial
contributions. Volunteers of the NCRS continue to make a difference for our Afghan and Guatemalan families and the new focus on “off-
ramping” for independence is working, step-by-step, and family by
family. The development of a Strategic Plan is uncovering new
opportunities and challenges.

Needs of the Coalition include grant writing, housing accountant, tax
return assistance for our families, additional volunteers, possible
immigration support and a job for our “disabled veteran”.

Fundraising and funding commitments at our Houses of Worship have brought our current bank balance to approximately $11K. Three families “graduated” from their NCRS budget and are no longer receiving stipends. We are in the process of paying off the final, remaining $4,000 balance from a previous financial commitment to support our Guatemalan family in their custody case.

While all families are in safe and sanitary housing, future housing
funding is a concern as CCP funding will end in the latter part of 2023.
Catholic Charities is holding meetings with families over the next couple months to educate them on their future rent responsibilities. We are pursuing options for our families.

Our Education Team enjoyed a nice success in enrolling school-aged
children in summer camps sponsored by the Norman Public Schools.
The kids are better prepared now for the new school year. In-Home ESL is launched. Family ESL progress is slow, but steady.
The Legal Team has relied on our local pro bono immigration attorney to guide us through the immigration process and deadlines. She has made much progress for them. But, her divided attention between the
Norman and OKC Afghans has led to some impatience among our
families. We are pursuing options for them.


What can you do?

If you would like to volunteer your time in Family Liaison, Transportation, ESL, Legal, childcare or more 

We are looking for nurses, physicians, dentists who would be willing to be on our Health Committee.  To give advice to our cohorts on care that the families may need.  If you or anyone you know is interested, they can contact

 Debi Kelley or look at the Volunteer Sign Up below

Volunteer Signup

NCRS Received the Norman

Humanitarian Award 

on March 8th 2022



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