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Norman Coalition for
Refugee Support

NCRS was formed in 2019 . It is a coalition of churches who have committed to helping refugees coming into our city get started on their new lives. We do that by providing housing, clothing, food, transportation, medical, education, etc. for the first six months.  Each month the families will learn more about taking care of themselves. Our goal is for them to be self-supporting by six or seven months. St. Michaels joined the coalition at the end of October 2021. NCRS, now a 501(c)3 non-profit, is able do all of this through donations from churches, and individuals. 

Volunteers of the NCRS continue to make a difference for our families and the new focus on “off-ramping” for independence is working, step-by-step, and family by
family. The development of a Strategic Plan is uncovering new opportunities and challenges.

While all families are in safe and sanitary housing, future housing funding is a concern as CCP funding will end in the latter part of 2023. If you would like to help with immediate needs in housing

Norman Refugee Coalition: New Refugee Family Furnishings (

We are looking for larger houses to rent for our larger families. If you know of any please contact the coalition. If there is something on the list you would like to donate you can bring it to church or contact Debi Kelley


What can you do?

 go to:

 Click on any area where you would like to help, read about it and then contact for more information. NCRS needs volunteers to work with the families, teach English, give legal advice, fix up homes, work on grants.

There is something for everyone.

NCRS Received the Norman

Humanitarian Award 

on March 8th 2022

NCRS Accepting award.jpg
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