Norman Coalition for Refugee Support

NCRS was formed three years. It is a coalition of churches who have committed to helping refugees coming into our city get started on their new lives. 

We do that by providing housing,  clothing, food, transportation medical, education, etc for the first six months.  Each month the families will learn more about taking care of themselves. Our goal is they be self-supporting by six or seven months. 

St. Michael's joined the coalition of now eight churches, at the end of October 2021

We cannot post pictures of the refugees out of respect and to protect their privacy.

We can share what the coalition member are doing weekly.

We do all of this through donations from churches, and individuals.  Each week items needed will be listed here , in our newsletter and on the board at St. Michaels.

What can you do?

We always appreciate monetary donations. The coalition pays for housing, utilities, household items that are not donated.

If you would like to donate items 

Furnishing & Supply Donations Signup

If you would like to volunteer your time in Family Liaison, Transportation, ESL, Legal, child careor more 

Volunteer Signup

Pam Wallace is our representative and sits on the Executive Committee and Housing, Debi Kelley is Chair of transportation and on the housing committee, Two members are also part of our transportation group and working with English as a Second Language ( ESL)

Please consider where you help as we welcome new member s to our community

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