Episcopal Church Women at the St. Michael's promotes oneness among women of all ages as they come together to serve God in the community. The Episcopal Church Women at St. Michael's are active in outreach ministries, building our fellowship and growing together spiritually.  We meet several times during the year.  Read more..


If you would like to contact us   Melissa Gray, Debi Kelley or Donna Young click on our names for email

Click here for more information on upcoming meetings

                                                      Wild Men


In the ancient Pre-COVIDian Era there was a tribe called the Wild Men of St. Michael’s. We dressed up in furs, danced around a charcoal fire, and ate large quantities of flame broiled bovine meat, baked potatoes, vegetables, salad, bread, and other often unhealthy but tasty things while drinking craft beer and having a hearty grand time. We did this once a month whether it was 110 degrees in the shade in August, or a snowy January. Well, we didn’t dress in furs, exactly, and dancing isn’t really our thing, but the rest is spot on. As soon as the COVIDian ice age fully recedes, we will emerge from our caves in force, once again. For $15 apiece we will again enjoy the best charcoal-grilled ribeye/sirloin steak dinners with all the fixin’s that might cost us $50 or $75 in a fancy big city restaurant, the best selection of local and national brews we can scrounge up each month, and best of all, oodles and oodles of wonderful fellowship. Oh, and in February close to St. Valentines Day, we even ask the women of the Church to join us. We hope the day we can permanently leave our caves comes sooner rather than later, but whenever it is, we will be out there with our Weber grills and welcome all to try us out. For first timers, dinner and drinks are on us.


Contact Peter Rodrigues, John Hartley, or Clark Morter for information.


Sunday Coffee and Conversation

Sunday Coffee and Conversation follows each Sunday service with time to meet our clergy and congregational leaders, share information, and get to know one another.  Gluten-free snacks are always available, and we enjoy hearing the sounds of "holy chaos" as we gather and take delight in one another.  


Welcome Luncheon

Two or three times each year, St. Michael's hosts a luncheon after the 11:00 service for newcomers and new members in the congregation.  This is usually held at the home of one of our congregational leaders, and is an opportunity for newcomers and old-timers to get to know one another over a meal.  For more information, please contact Kathy Rodrigues at  405-899-7418 or twinpinesok@gmail.com.  

Mardi Gras

St. Michael's prepares for the coming of Lenten austerity with a truly fantastic feast and party every year. The evening concludes with a bonfire in the churchyard and the burning of the previous year's Palm Sunday palms, to make the ashes for Ash Wednesday.  

St. Michael's Knitters ( Prayer Shawls)

The Knitters and Crocheters of  St. Michael's (including participants from several other churches in the Norman area!) make items to be given away to others.  These items include prayer shawls, purple baby caps (to raise awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome), scarves for the Norman Community Christmas Dinner, small articles of clothing (caps, scarves, ditty bags, and vests)for Mariners and Special Olympics.  We sometimes do special projects which are brought to our attention.  The knitting group meets Wednesday evenings in the Ingathering Space from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm.  It is a great time for fellowship.

For additional information, contact Amy Gardner at 366-8321 or awgardner@yahoo.com